Welcome to the Homepage of Reismann Gymnasium

Our school is the first and the only full-time grammar school in the City of Paderborn.

This requires a new learning culture, a restructuring of teaching and thus a new culture of cooperation at our school. In order to safeguard this innovative process in the long term, our school building is extensively remo

delled and expanded:

Yesteryear's burdens are removed, old buildings are renovated and new ones built.

Appropriately enough Reismann Gymnasium has been appointed "Sportschule NRW" at the beginning of the school year 2012/2013. This way the new and the restored, the modern and the tried and trusted are merged into one corporate house of learning.

We are building, so you can build your hopes and your children's future on "Reismann".


Siegfried Rojahn, OStD

Our youngest: the new class 5-pupils of the school year 2019/20 (Foto:vdB)